Category: Savory pastries


Liver patties

The filling is very tender. The liver can be used chicken or beef (I like chicken much more). From the specified amount of ingredients, about 15 pieces are obtained. Ingredients yeast dough 500 g liver 150 g onions salt pepper vegetable oil Preparation Finely chop the onion. Fry in vegetable oil. Add liver. Salt, pepper. Fry until tender (about 20 minutes). Cool down. Pass through […]


Pizza “Hawaiian”

Thin dough, juicy aromatic filling is very tasty! From the specified amount of ingredients, 3 pizzas with a diameter of 30 cm are obtained. Ingredients dough: 250 ml milk 7-10 g dry yeast (or 50 g raw yeast) 3 tsp Sahara 5 tbsp vegetable oil 2 eggs 500-550 g flour salt filling: ketchup or tomato paste canned pineapple ham cheese Preparation Warm milk a little. […]


Chum and potato pie

Delicious pie! Delicate airy dough, juicy filling. You can use any fish to taste, but I strongly advise you to make a pie with chum. If you use a potato that boils well, cooks quickly (it depends on the type of potato), then you do not need to boil it, just cut it thinly and add to the filling. From the specified amount of ingredients, […]


Duck puff pie

Awesome cake! Crispy dough, juicy aromatic filling. Duck fillet is sold in many supermarkets, but if you can’t buy it, you can use chicken meat (take the meat from the legs, it is juicier). It is not necessary to use the duck fillet. For the holiday, many cook duck, it happens that it remains. You can cut the meat and use it in a pie […]