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Mushroom sauce

This sauce can be served with pasta, meat, chicken.. I use fresh champignons, frozen mushrooms can be used. From the specified amount of ingredients, about 500 g is obtained. Ingredients 300 g mushrooms 200 ml cream 15-20% 150 g onions salt pepper vegetable oil Preparation Finely chop the onion. Finely chop the mushrooms. Fry the onion in vegetable oil. Add mushrooms. Salt, pepper. Fry for […]


Chocolate custard

The site already has a recipe for Custard, I suggest trying this option too. The cream can be used for filling cakes, for a layer of cakes, muffins, muffins, etc. can be served with it.. From the specified amount of ingredients, 500-600 ml of cream is obtained. Ingredients 500 ml milk 100 g chocolate (milk or bitter) 100 g sugar 4 yolks 50 g flour […]



The glaze prepared according to this recipe turns out to be shiny, it hardens quickly, does not flow. Useful for covering gingerbread, cookies, cupcake decorating, etc.. The icing hardens quickly, so pour hot icing on the gingerbread or cookies. Ingredients 500 g icing sugar 50 ml syrup (lemon is best) food coloring (optional) Preparation Mix powder and syrup. Put on a small fire. Cook, stirring, […]